This is a short introduction to our courses.  A new selection is run each month, however, we do have to focus on the courses that bring in members.

The full list of courses available is on the page Range of Courses.  

Course duration. 4 sessions x 2 hours  Click here for the course contents
This course explains how computers work and how humans interact with computers. The world of Windows 10 is explored and time is spent using a keyboar and mouse so that members can obtain the skills needed for Seniornet courses. Members are also helped in taking control of their home computers. Those new to computing are recommended to take this course.

CORE SKILL with WINDOWS 7,8.1 and 10
Course duration. 4 sessions x 2 hours  Click here for course contents
This course is useful for those who are new or comparatively new to PC's or who have not worked with Microsoft Windows. It aims to provide the basic skills with Windows and word proccessing that will be a foundation to build on when moving on to more specific courses.  WordPad is used as the processor as it is part of Windows.

We offer courses in Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.  A course in Open Office Writer is also available and we give participants a copy of Open Office Writer. This application has a layout similar to Micros Office 2003 - viz - it uses Menus not Ribbons.

Courses duration. 4 sessions x 2 hours
This course is aimed at acquiring the basic skills in word processing, which are the necessary foundation to becoming competent in all aspects of computer literacy.
Successful completion of this course is considered to be a pre‑requisite to any other programme such as Email and Internet. We offer  a level 2 course with topics that help members prepare complex documents that "look good".

Course duration: 4 sessions x 2 hours
A course that will teach the means of storing and retrieving information by the proper use of folders and files. This course is a must for the orderly use of your PC.

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E‑MAIL Course duration 4 sessions x 2 hours
The course covers how to prepare, format, send and receive emails, create address books, and attach files to emails. M
anaging the folders and labels in Gmail.  This is covered whilst exploring local mail and webmail, and the protocols POP and IMAP.

Course duration 4 sessions x 2 hours
Browsing (or "surfing") the Net, setting favourite sites, searching for information. You TubeGroups and listservs. RSS Feeds.
Google Earth.

Course duration 2 sessions x 2 hours
Like your car, your computer needs regular tune‑ups to keep it running smoothly. This course takes you through a spring clean and works through methods of backing up your data. The course looks at how to ensure your work on the internet does not threaten the security of your computer.

IMAGE EDITING Photo Shop Elements 8
Course duration : 4 sessions x 2 hours

A course mainly for photographers, especially those with photos which could do with improvement.

KEY CONCEPTS (taken from PS Elements Help site) Digital image basics, photo adjustments, retouching & recomposing, special effects, Transformation, saving, sharing & printing. All the above and more covered from basic levels to more advanced, depending on the needs and speed of the attendees. 

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Course duration 4 sessions x 2 hours
Excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet, Calc is Open Office's equivalent. The course will look at the concepts of setting out and formatting various types of data, such as household accounts. Mathematical functions can be incorporated which will perform useful calculations and answer questions such as such as "What if?". A spread sheet can be used for creating such things as address books, phone lists, membership records, rosters etc.

Course duration 4 sessions x 2 hours
Coming to grips with your camera, reading the LCD, setting optimum pixels, taking pictures, taking moving objects, loadng pictures to Picasa, introduction to Picasa image editing.

Course duration: 4 sessions x 2 hours Find out what can be achieved with presentation software such as MS Power Point and OO Inspire. One exercise you will cover is the creating of a slide show of your holiday photos..

Course duration 4 sessions x 2 hours
Create greetings cards, calendars, posters, brochures, flyers, invitations, gift labels, business cards, name tags etc. using Microsoft Publisher

Work with an iPad

We have two courses with the ipad,

Level 1 - starting from scratch and covering setting up, internet browsing, email and taking photographs and videos.

Level 2 - revising the skills already covered and looking at enhancing photogrphs, complex emails, synchronising with iTunes and more. 

Make the most of a cell phone

Level 1 - Beginning with a smart phone - working out the best packet/plan to purchase, making and receiving calls, taking photographs, working out possible uses...

Level 2 - A further step with cell phones, sending and receivng emails, web browsing, planning your week...

Work with an Android Tablet.  starting from scratch and covering setting up, internet browsing, email and taking photographs and videos. Downloading and using apps and working through any questions.

From time to time single‑session workshops are held on topics not included in regular courses:
TradeMe, Google, Using Help, Designing with ClipArt & WordArt, Information Transfer, Scanning 35mm. slides and negatives, Transferring vinyl records to CDs


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