SeniorNet Glenfield Workshops                 August 2017
1 Trademe                                                         Use Trade Me to buy and sell via the internet
2 Anti virus Discuss best choices for anti virus
3 Download from the Internet Download, install and uninstall Apps and files
4 What else can Google do? Google Earth, Google Translate, Google Photos etc. 
5 Use Cloud storage Back up and share files in the clouds
6 Working in the Cloud Work with documents & spread sheets in the Cloud.
7 Use a flash/pen drive Store, rename, delete files on a Flash Drive
8 Skype Set-up and communicate with audio and video.
9 How do I... A computer problem? we might be able to help.
10 Bring in your Lap Top We can check the settings and advise on software.
11 A look at Internet Banking This workshop is appropriate to all banks.
12 Keyboard Short Cuts The shortcuts in Microsoft and Open Source software
13 Camera 2 computer Save the pictures on your camera to your computer
14 Put music on an iPad Take music from a CD and install on an iPad
15 Work with PDF format Make documents that are regarded as legal documents.
16 Email or Webmail Emails in the clouds or on a computer – and a new email App.
17 Scan Documents A session on what is involved when documents are scanned.
18 Scan slides into computer Scan slides and negatives to a jpg for editing
19 Q&A on Android phones & tablets Specific "problems" please 
20 Vinyl to CD Convert your old LP's to CD's
21 Purchase a computer Discuss the important features to look for.
22 Purchase a Smart Phone Discuss the important features to look for.
23 Add Header, Footers and Page numbers to a document Put page, chapter and title structure to a large document
24 Add a Table of Contents Work with a book to add a table of contents
25 Put pictures in documents and emails Add images to text in MS Word and emails
26 Add an index to a document Add an index to a large document
27 Start Facebook The beginnings of getting onto Facebook
28 Follow on Facebook Check up on aspects of Facebook
29 Taking on a Smart TV Set up and install a Smart TV. .
30 Windows 10 Odds and Ends Exploring Photos, Mail, Edge and any other strange new App.
31 Share photos on the web Use Google photos to share with just family and friends
32 Install library ebooks on a device. With a library card you can borrow electronic library books.
33 Mirroring your phone to your TV Linking devices with a TV
34 Professional image printing Make A4 prints at a good price.
35 Android devices basics

Mobile networks, smartphone basics   

CLICK HERE for more details of  Android Workshops

36 Android devices – a useful gadget Apps, calls, contacts, texts, internet
37 Android devices like a teenager Email, photos, calendar, memo, maps
38 Android devices serious stuff Music, Bluetooth, files, printing, backup

The monthly schedule of workshops that are available is made up from our members’ requests. If one or more of the workshops listed above are of interest, phone the office any weekday between 10 and 12 (444 2231) or use the website under Book Courses/Workshops (password - snetg) and let us know. If you are limited to certain days or times, make this known. Workshops are on Wednesday AM and Friday PM.