Attendance at courses and workshops was very light in May and it’s not looking good for June. What can we do to fill up our classes? Your feedback would be much appreciated. For example, I have often been asked for a course on tablet devices and such a course is offered in June; Pam was the class.

Many members will have received letters describing, or visitors selling – wireless broadband. We have copper wire, fibre and wireless, with two faster options on copper wire, ADSL and VDSL. The wireless option uses the cell phone system up to 4G. If you are faced with this decision have a Google Search using topics such as wireless or fibre broadband. Members with electronic newsletters can Click here for and interesting collection of information. The two key criteria commented on are speed and capping. I have no plans to use Netflix and my present copper wire system is plenty fast enough. However a cap on the amount of data I can download is not a good idea. There is no quick answer, but any comments from members will go up on the website.

In the July timetable there are a few changes. David is planning to offer Affinity Photos as a change to Photoshop Elements; he explained the details of this offer in last month’s newsletter. The Internet course has a new name, because the course covers the World Wide Web. Another part of the Internet is covered in the email course.

Barbara and Faith have split up the iPad course, and the Level 2 edition is on offer in July. The level 1 Spread Sheet course is on offer. If you would like to extend the use of your computer, this is the application that will make you think. It has a large number of uses and is especially useful for setting up travel itineraries. (I assure you.) Dando is the tutor, and would like your support.

Many of you will find that your computer has undergone the Creator’s Update. At the start of the process you will be asked to check your privacy settings. Don’t dismiss this, it gives you the opportunity to set up your privacy, to some extent in terms that can be understood without a degree in Computer Science.

The Update focuses on three dimensions and includes a new version of paint, now Paint 3D.

There are new settings offered in the Update to make your machine safer, and we will be looking at these in courses soon.

The committee has approved the purchase of a Smart TV. The purpose of this is to give members an indication of what can be done, by smart people of course, with a Smart TV. A workshop – hopefully – will be offered in the afternoon of the last Friday of the month. You will get an email to confirm this; we have to write the handout…

See you at the Mayfield Centre

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